Sunday, 13 April 2008

Watch Out for Things Above...and Below

My last few posts have been quite long, so I'll try and keep this one relatively brief. Just as there is plenty to look at outside on Main Street USA, you have to keep your eyes open for what you might find inside the buildings.
This lovely chandelier hangs inside the Harrington's Fine China and Porcelain store, where you can buy plenty of lovely Disney china collectibles, figurines or pins! I had to take a picture of this as I thought the ceiling was gorgeous too. Interestingly enough, the book I'm read (Imagineering, by the Imagineers) has a section depicting how some of the light fixtures in the Arcades in DLP were researched and designed.
Meanwhile, if you have a good look in the Emporium and associated stores, the Christmas decorations also incorporate the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Parc Disneyland. I'm not sure what is there outwith the holidays, but I thought this was a lovely wee detail, the Christmas baubles (as we Brits call them) surrounding the Mickey Mouse with a small '15' [See picture, left]. Another gorgeous Christmas decoration [Picture, right], but if you look behind the display of Bambi and Thumper, you can see the gorgeous detailing of the ceiling and surrounding walls. Complete with another gorgeous light fixture and stained glass windows - I wish I had another better picture of the detailing, but hopefully you can get the atmosphere from this small one.

And one of my favourite 'inside' treasures - this fantastic second floor display inside The Storybook Store [See picture below]. My father and I happened upon this little scene when we were trying to buy some stamps - let's hope none of the Disney characters drop any books on the unsuspecting guests! Oh, and I must say how nice it is to see Clarabelle Cow overseeing the proceedings.
Lastly for this post (which has turned out longer than I anticipated!) is a little detailing I found outside Casey's Corner. A nice way to finish off this little Main Street USA post, dontcha think?

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-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

And the good times on Main Street just keep on coming! Nice work!