Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Happy Birthday AK!

I thought I would stray off from my current Disneyland Paris posts, to wish Animal Kingdom a very happy 10th Birthday!

10 years ago on this very day, April 22nd, Animal Kingdom became the 4th gate of Walt Disney World. Opening up on Earth Day was not a coincidence for this park, as it's main theme was that of animal conservation (I almost typed 'conversation', which would be a fantastic idea for a theme park!). The original slogan for Animal Kingdom was "Nahtazu", which sounded similar to 'Not a zoo', emphasised the difference between this park and many other animal based parks.

I remember visiting Animal Kingdom in one of the first years it opened - I think it was 1998 in the summer - and it wasn't a favourite with my family. Mainly due to the lack of shelter, places to sit, and viable attractions. We used to visit in June/July, with my Gran, so you can imagine how much we didn't enjoy the park in it's early days. Now, so many years on, it's one of my favourite parks to walk around. It really has grown into itself, with so many new experiences and situations around every corner. The addition of Expedition Everest has definitely been a draw, and the whole theming of that area makes it one of my Must Sees in every trip.
So, Animal Kingdom, here's to another 10 - Hongera! (That's Happy Birthday in Swahili)

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