Thursday, 3 April 2008

Book Recommendation

I have just finished reading "Spinning Disney's World" by Charles Ridgway, a former Press Agent for Disney and Disney Legend. And what can I say? It was an amazing book and a thoroughly enjoyable read. I actually never wanted it to end!

The book spans Ridgway's career, from just before he joined Disney until he retired from the company in the late 90's. I don't want to tell you everything that happened in the book - you'll just to have to read it yourself! - but there were many funny and interesting anecdotes. The man has had a fascinating life, and it was brilliant to read the people he has met and the places he has been, all while working for the Walt Disney Company. A few of the stories even brought a tear to my eye...

Charles Ridgway, additionally, was part of the marketing team for the opening of EuroDisney (Disneyland Paris). He describes his experience of opening the park and his experiences of dealing with the French workers and culture.

Of course, with my recent posts relating to Main Street USA windows, I can't not mention Ridgway's very own window! As you may, or may not, know I don't live anywhere near Walt Disney World, so I don't have an image of the window. But, as Ridgway describes:

"Not only was there a new window but a mini-parade accompanied the unveiling. ... In gold letters the sign reads:

Ridgway Public Relations
Charles Ridgway Press Agent
No Event Too Small" (Ridgway, p226)

You can see the window here (thanks to Mouseplanet!). I also like the mantra "Nobody does it like Disney", which Ridgway uses throughout his book. It's something that I've said throughout my life, starting off on the holidays to WDW I went with my parents. It's so true - and it's something that Ridgway truly believes, making the book all the more magical. If you're a Disney-book-geek, like me, you have to get this book!

On a personal level, apologies if the posts become a little bit erratic - I've got some health problems (nothing serious!) but it means that sometimes I don't have the energy to sit at the computer after work...but I'll try my best to keep this going every day!

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