Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Cinderella's Fountain

Taking a look at some more secret and hidden corners of Parc Disneyland, I'd like to show you this beautiful part of the park. It's not really a secret, and it's definitely not hidden, but I think it is gorgeous. Whilst it's not unique, the beautiful Cinderella Wishing Fountain lies in the shadow of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, in Fantasyland, next to le Auberge du Cendrillion, which we discussed in an earlier post.
Depicting Cinderella in her 'rags', the fountain shows her sitting with her friends the animals, in a delicate pose. My mum and I were lucky enough to pass this fountain during a quiet time - and the area just felt so peaceful and content. Because we were there during the winter there was no water in the fountain, but it was still kept in excellent condition.

Underneath the fountain is this beautiful plaque. Roughly translated, it reads:

"Cinderella's Fountain
'A dream is a wish your heart makes'
This fountain shows Cinderella and her friends, inspired by the story of Perrault and the classic by Walt Disney"


Anonymous said...

But did you know that if you curtsey in front of her and look up the crown painted behind her on the wall appears on her head in an optical illusion? :o)

Princess Fee said...

I had heard that from the one in Walt Disney World - but I tried it at the one in Paris and it didn't really have the same effect.... but it is definitely a cool illusion!