Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's World Famous

The queue area of Radiator Springs' Racers in Disney's California Adventure is fantastic. And with the recent popularity of Cars Land, many people get to experience the queue in its entirity!

But be sure to check out the popular area welcoming you to Stanley's Oasis.

There is a sign behind, which is welcoming us all to Radiator Springs!

The Mysterious and Miraculous World Famous Radiator Springs
This Is It!
Nature's Own Fixer Elixer! Free! Fill Up And Cool Down!

Looking closely we can see some of the cures of the Radiator Springs.

Removes Rust, Stops Leaks, Eliminates Squeaks & Rattles, Relieves Red-Hot Radiators, Restores Dull Paint To Original, Turns Off The Odometer, Cures Road Rash, Soothes Irritated Brake Pads, Heals Hoses

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