Thursday, 15 November 2012

Life Of An Endicott

It's about time we looked at another plaque featured in the Disney theme parks. This one is placed in the American Waterfront area of Tokyo DisneySea.

The New York City Preservation Society was founded by Miss Beatrice Rose Endicott. She and the Society decided to open up the Hotel Hightower (nicknamed the Tower of Terror, by locals) for guided tours, and redevelop the area around the Hotel.

Miss Endicott was the daughter of Cornelius Endicott II, and this plaque is dedicated to him:

It is my fervent hope that
future generations will long associate
the Endicott name
not merely with steel mines,
gold mines and railroads
but with global shipping as well

Cornelius Endicott, II 

Cornelius Endicott II was a powerful man in the American Waterfront, a rival to Harrison Hightower, and owned the S.S. Columbia. He wished to demolish Hotel Hightower, and Miss Beatrice Rose decided to preserve the Hotel in response to her father's wish to demolish the beautiful and historic building.

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