Thursday, 20 September 2012

To All The Buccaaneers

This week at DF'82, we don't just get to look at one dedication plaque, but two! Heading over from Fantasyland in Disneyland, to New Orleans Square, we find this fantastic dedication fountain at Pirates of the Caribbean.

This fountain is situated near the start of the queue line, and can be visible from both the left and right queues. Let's take a slightly closer look at the words immortalised:

30th Anniversary
Pirates of the Caribbean
"the Original"

Honoring Walt Disney's Buccaneer Crew
X.Atencio   Buddy Baker   Roger Broggie
George Bruns   Harrter Burns   Collin Campbell
Claude Coats   Alice Davis    Marc Davis    Don Edgren
Elaine Gibson   Dale Gracey   John Hench   Fred Joerger
Bill Justice   Bill Martin   Mathel Rogers
Herbert Ryman   Lee Toomis

"YoHo YoHo a pirates' life for me""
rededicated March 7 1997
New Orleans Square

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