Monday, 17 September 2012

Children of the Small World

DF'82 loves plaques in the Disney theme parks - and the one at the Small World attraction, in Disneyland, is no exception.

Situtated in front of the attraction, between the exit and the entrance, the plaque reads the following:

"it's a small world"
First Voyage April 22, 1964
New York World's Fair

For 25  years, "the happiest cruise that ever sailed" has shown millions a world of peace, understanding and friendship. We re-dedicate "it's a small world" to the ideals of UNICEF, and re-affirm the commitment of The Walt Disney Company to all the world's children.
August 8, 1989    Roy E.Disney

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Mouse Insight said...

Thanks for this post. That plaque is very powerful. Small World is a ride that sends such a strong message.