Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Quick Bite...At Cafe Hyperion

It's been a while since we had a quick bite at Disneyland Paris, so today we head to Discoveryland in Parc Disneyland and eat at the Cafe Hyperion.
We enter underneath the large Jules Verne airship, heading into the Videopolis area. This restaurant is great for seating, now that the Lion King show no longer plays in this venue. There are plenty of seats, and areas to have a rest as well as a quick bite!

The fayre is not specifically spectacular, but there is staple bites for everyone. Burgers, salads and chicken nuggets are the main items on offer here. As elsewhere on property, there are set menus, offering sides and a drink with the main dish.
It is open all year round, usually from 10am until park close, and the venue makes it a great place for families. Now that there is no Lion King show playing in the Videopolis, classic Walt Disney cartoons play on loop on the large screen. Experience a different kind of TV dinner at Cafe Hyperion!

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