Friday, 22 April 2011

33 Facts

Although the title suggests different, I thought it would be fun to revisit one of my most enjoyable books, Little Known Facts About Well-Known Places: Disneyland. And from this book, we can experience a couple of facts about the mysterious Club 33 in Disneyland (p167-171).
Did you know...
  • There is a nine-year waiting list for Club 33, which can sometimes be as long as 14 years! It has a maximum of 1000 people on it - and it is also at capacity!
  • Membership for Club 33 has about 487 corporations and individuals - this capacity is actually due to capacity in the restaurant, and not exclusivity.
  • There has been a rumour that the name Club 33 was due to the address, which was required in order for Disneyland to obtain an alcohol license for the restaurant. But this theory is unlikely, due to the fact that addresses, nor streets, inside Disneyland are recognised by the US Postal Service.

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