Friday, 24 September 2010

Dining With Cendrillon

As part of our 'Quick Bite' series, let's head to the beautiful restaurant in Fantasyland: Auberge de Cendrillon. As this is a Character Dining location, and quite pricey, I didn't feel it was right to give it a 'Quick Bite' title.The restaurant has a beautiful ballroom-type setting, and is open for lunch and for dinner, separately. It does have a set menu and features characters from Cinderella (it is hosted by Suzy and Perla), as well as other Disney Princes and Princesses.

You and your little royalty can interact and dance with the characters, as well as enjoying foods such as veal, lamb or scallops. As you can see from the menu, prices are €59.20 for adults and €24.80 for 3-11 year olds.
If you are interested in eating here, reservations are suggested as it is very popular!

Join us here at DF'82 again tomorrow and Sunday to experience the beautiful details around the Auberge de Cendrillon!

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