Friday, 10 September 2010

600th Post

We have reached a milestone here at DF'82 - today's post is the 600th post since this blog began!

My aim here is to shine a light on the hidden treasures, the Disney details and the 'totally cool things' that are found throughout the different Disney Theme Parks of the World. As Disneyland Paris, in my opinion, is an oft overlooked Park, DF'82 tends to focus upon there. But thanks to the interests of my readers, every now and then we'll head over to the American parks and sometimes the Asian parks as well.

I couldn't have got to 600 without you, the fantastic reader. I want to thank each and every one of you who visit, take the time to read and comment, and let other's know about the site. I do this blog as a way of sharing some of my photos and facts about Disneyland Paris - so to know that others read is a fantastic feeling!

I would especially like to thank all the blogs that have ever linked to an article at my sight - especially Main Street Gazette, Imaginerding and The Disney Food Blog. And thank you to any of you who have found my blog through any of the other Disney blogs...and have stayed. I would also like to thank each person that has taken the time to comment on something they might have enjoyed!

Thank you...and here's to another 600!


A Snow White Sanctum said...

Congrats Princess Fee. 600 is quite the dedication on your part. Keep up the super posts! 1000 is not that far away!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Way to go on your substantial milestone! It is always a pleasure to see what comes across the wire from DF'82!