Monday, 27 October 2008

The Garden Pavilion

To enter the Phantom Manor, you must first go through the Garden, which intensifies the mystery of the manor through whispering winds, laughter and jovial voices heard in the distance, with the faint sound of clinking glasses and folks enjoying a banquet.

One of my favourite parts of the Garden is the Garden Pavilion, an area in which I'm sure the inhabitants of the manor enjoyed afternoon tea several times. Of course, what makes it all the stranger is that the Pavilion has been left untouched since the last tea party was held. With all the dust and the strange noises, it looks as though that last tea party was a long time ago...


By seeing the Pavilion in the night rain, you can see another reason why Phantom Manor in Disneyland Resort, Paris, is one of the most haunting of them all.


The Manor itself houses 92 Audio-Animatronic characters, 58 special effects and 54 animated props. You access the ride in the Manor through Doom Buggies - similar to other Haunted Mansions throughout the world.


Without going into too much detail, the attraction starts in the Foyer, which then moves onto the Doorless Chamber. Following the bride and the spooks, you travel through the Music Room, the Wedding Reception area, the Bride's Boudoir, the Graveyard, a Western town called Phantom Canyon featuring a Saloon and an Apothecary, finally travelling through the Manor's Garden and into the Wine Cellar.

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