Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Devil's In The Details

Let's stay out of the dark for the time being, and have a look at one of the other fantastic aspects of the Mickey's Not So Scary Party - the Cast Members. This years Cast Members were very differently dressed from the visiting public - so you couldn't miss them in a crowd.


And don't forget that Goofy's Candy Company are the proud sponsors of the Halloween festivities. You can trick or treat for delicious candies - or sweeties, as we say in the UK - all over the park. If you had been there 2 years ago, maybe a special Princess would have been helping you with your candy...


Don't forget to check out the fantastic Main Street Gazette blog. Ryan has written this great piece about the scarecrows that are scattered around the entrance to Main Street U.S.A. Drop by his blog and give him some Royal love!

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-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

And here I thought I was just a royal pain!

Those are some fantastic outfits by the way. A gaudy color combination, but with the feel of the event and the season, it just seems to work so well!