Sunday, 3 August 2008

That's a Wrap!

Disney Cinema Parade - Filmstrip


We're getting to the end of the parade - and our movie too! And you can see the the film strip is ready to make its way to the cinema for the big preview. Here we have the cast of Toy Story looking after the film, just making sure it gets to where it needs to go! And it's great to see that Rex plays such a big role too - I'm sure everyone will be scared to get on the wrong side of this terrifying dinosaur...right? Okay, so he's not terrifying, but I have no doubt he'll help get the film where it needs to go.

Disney Cinema Parade

And, of course, we have Buzz and Woody alongside, helping things along!

Disney Cinema Parade - Cinema

We've made it - and our film has made it too! DSC_0226Mickey Mouse, and some of his invited guests, finish our parade off in the cinema, getting ready to see the final edit of our Motion Picture. I just hope that Donald managed to get everything in the right places - and, like Ryan said, managed to get his cast to understand him!

No doubt Mickey and his friends are looking forward to seeing the film - and we've just seen a Disney Cinema Parade Classic. Thanks for joining me for this piece of Motion Picture history - I wonder where our ticket will take us next time...

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MainstreetMom said...

Thanks for the great series. I am so dying to go to DP! In the mean time...I just keep reading!