Friday, 8 August 2008

Enjoying the Little Things

One of my favourite things in any Disney park is the windows along Main Street USA. I love walking along the Emporium's windows and seeing what they have to offer. They usually tell beautiful stories, or - more often than not - highlight Disney merchandise to buy. Usually in such a way that makes you want to buy it all!

And Disneyland Paris is no exception. Whilst it isn't Christmas yet - don't panic! - I wanted to share with you this beautiful window display, which highlights "les douceurs de noël" (translated, I believe, as 'Christmas Treats').


I'd also like to thank all of you who visit this blog - I really appreciate your stopping by! And also a big thank you to those of you who comment - that means a lot too.

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Artwork by Christi Bunn said...

This is so lovely. One of my favorite things is to see how the window decorations change along Main Street. I wish I had been documenting that with my camera all these years, but oh well. Loved this picture!