Monday, 13 August 2012

Sweet Treats of Paris

Visiting Disneyland Paris can make you rather peckish - with so much to do and see, your sugar levels may end up rather low. If this happens, I recommend you pay a visit to the Sweet Shop!

If you follow DF'82, you will know that I have a very sweet tooth. And it looks like this could be a great place to buy something that fits that bill.

A Tempting Array of Tasty Delights
Treat Yourself To Something Sweet
Allow our Courteous Staff to help you
Caramels  Pralines  Fudge

A Conglomeration of the Most
Captivating Confections
Main Street's Favorite Candies
Fancy Boxed Sweets for Ladies Expertly Prepared
Bonbons  Toffees  Chocolates

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