Friday, 31 August 2012

Looking Up At The Mira - Part 1

From the title of this post, regular DF'82 readers will know what this might be about. We've been spending quite a few days looking around the gorgeous Mira Costa hotel, in Tokyo Disney Resort. But now, we enter the lobby and we quote the infamous Hidden Treasure phrase - Always Look Up.

Woah, impressive, right?

This is just another piece of the detail and beauty that Tokyo Disney has for us Disney Geeks. Today and tomorrow we're going to take a closer look at this painting on the ceiling. Any idea what the pictures might be depicting for us? Take a look at the first painting.

It looks like she might be representing the Mediterranean...maybe a harbour... It's Tokyo DisneySea's Mediterranean Harbor!

And below this piece represents American Waterfront.

And the Cape Cod area of the park.

And finally, for today, Mysterious Island.

That one looks just as intense as the land itself!

Join us tomorrow to have a look at some more of these gorgeous pieces of art.

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