Saturday, 23 July 2011

Journey Through Fairytales

There is a small area of Fantasyland in Disneyland Paris, which is hidden almost at the back of the land and the Parc. It is a beautiful area which holds two fantastic family attractions: Casey Jr - le Petit Train du Cirque (Casey Jr's Circus Train) and le Pays des Contes de Fées.

The latter is a beautiful boat ride through Storybookland. We had a look at the ride itself briefly here at DF'82 before, but I wanted to head back over to have a look at the beauty of the actual loading/docking area.

As with all Disney Details, even the area we board the boats have colourful, fairytale-like colours and designs.

With the boats looking like they just came out of a storybook as well!

And the sign for the attraction, itself a book, placed high on children's building blocks.

As we always say here in DF'82, take time to look all around you if you can when you visit a Disney Park. It's all there as a feast for the eyes!
We will visit le Pays in future posts, as I think the entire ride is something to really enjoy.

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