Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hide and Seek in Tokyo

One of the many highlights of Tokyo Disneyland is the relatively new Monsters Inc. attraction, Ride and Go Seek. situated in Tomorrowland.

The concept of the attraction is to journey through the Monsters Inc. factory and play some "Flashlight tag" with the various monsters of Monstropolis!

And if you look carefully, you can see that the logo of "We Scare Because We Care" has been changed to "It's Laughter We're After"!

It is a great dark ride, and on my last visit to Tokyo it had recently been re-opened after a small refurbishment. Which is why, the wait for the Fastpass looked like this:

Yes, folks, that would be the wait for the Fastpass machines only! Not the attraction itself, which - as you can see - was 210 minutes at 8.30am (the park opened at 8am).

But it was all worth it! Even the Fastpass machines are a sight to behold - as is everything else in Tokyo.

The attraction is great fun, although it does require guest participation. And it introduces us to a new character called Rocky!

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