Friday, 16 January 2009

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As you all probably know, the Imagineers work very hard creating images and stories for us within the Disney theme parks. And I've mentioned plenty of times how much work had been put into Disneyland Paris to bring magic to life. When Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was created, it wasn't as simple as sticking together some rocks and making a mountain. Oh no! Much more thought, and detail, went into the planning and designing of the exterior of the attraction.


Here's another snippet from the Berlitz Pocket Guide to EuroDisney:

The silhouette of Big Thunder Mountain draws its inspiration directly from the dramatic mesa plateaux, sandstone pinnacles, canyons and natural arched bridges of Arizona and Utah. True to their Hollywood allegiances, Disney's landscapers 'borrowed' the Monument Valley landscape made famous by the Western films of director John Ford - 'Stagecoach' and 'She Wore A Yellow Ribbon'.

The 33m (108ft) high mountain is made from a concrete mix poured over a wire-meshed frame and covered with a ruddy-hued plaster to give it the distinctive rough sandstone texture of the American South West. Its slopes are dotted with characteristic cacti, sagebrush and pine.

p46, Berlitz Pocket Guide: EuroDisney (Picture from Wikipedia, of Monument Valley)

And another fun fact, fact lovers - over 22,700 litres of paint were used to make the Mountain the Big Thunder Mountain we know and love.


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