Monday, 22 October 2012

Tip Top Revue

If you happen to be in the fantastic new Starbucks in Disney's California Adventure, be sure to check out some of the posters which adorn the walls of these perfectly themed coffee shop.

Like this one, for instance:

Performing this week in person!

Hollywood's Elite Entertainment Shine Brightest at the
Hollywood Tower Hotel

It looks like on Friday night at 8pm, Anthony Freemont and His Orchestra will be performing, at the Tip Top Club. While in the Stardust Lounge, Lawrence Jones and the Golden Tones will be performing on Thursday at 8pm.

Or perhaps you're free on Wednesday evening? If so, The Velvety Voice of Velma Woodrow will be in the Sunset Room at 8pm. And on Monday night, at 7pm, the Fountain Room has the Silver Lake Sisters. Superb!

And we can take the Red Car Trolley to the Hollywood Tower Hotel stop to enjoy any one of these fine acts.

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Steve Burns said...

That is really cool! I always like neat little touches like that.