Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Homecoming of Hightower

Just before entering the pre-show of the attraction, we can see a couple of posters decorating the hallways.

This poster, for example, informs us of the forthcoming homecoming of Hightower:

Homecoming Celebration
for the
Congo River Expedition

Guest of Honor
Harrison Hightower III
Celebrated Adventurer & Explorer Extrodinaire
Presenting a program chroniciling his latest exploits

Complete with lantern slides
" The Curse of Shiriki Utundu"
Treasure of the Dark Continent

Atlantis Ballroom
December 31 1899

We can also have a look at the information on the Hotel Directory.

As we can see, the aforementioned Atlantis Ballroom is on the 4th Floor.
Lobby Level
Hotel Shop
The Rajan's Pool
Olympic Restaurant

China Doll - Salon De Beaute
Atzeca Gaming Room
Alexandria Library

1st Floor
Ladies Retiring Room

2nd Floor
Gentleman's Smoking Room

4th Floor
Atlantis Ballroom

5th Floor
Explorer's Club Meeting Hall

6th and 7th Floor
Hightower Museum

10th Floor

Although from the looks of the elebvator, perhaps we should take the stairs?

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