Monday, 20 February 2012

Walt's 100

Situated in the Walt Disney Studios' Legend's Plaza is a statue familiar to almost all Disney Theme Park Geeks.

The Partner's Statue is situated here, facing the Michael D. Eisner Building, pointing up at the dwarfs on the building.

The plaque at this statue shows the following inscription:

Walt Disney once said "We should never forget that it was all started by a mouse." But we at the Walt Disney Company know it was all started by a man. He was born 100 years ago today, but his legacy as a storyteller and entertainer lives on... it urges us all to continue the work... to make the magic fresh and new... for young and old, for generations to come.

Michael D. Eisner  Roy E. Disney

December 5, 2001

And the one unique thing about this Partners Statue? It is at a level that you can get up close and personal with Walt and Mickey!

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