Thursday, 15 December 2011

Contemporary Christmas Time

We've had a few days off here at DF'82, due to the busy-ness of the Royal family at this time of year, but to help get us into the Christmas and Festive mood, today we're going to head over to the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World!

This may be one of the largest Hidden Mickey decorations I have ever seen - even bigger than the one in the Royal Household!

And here is the Contemporary's Christmas Tree - heavily influenced by the artwork of Mary Blair.

I love how the decorations fit in with the mural by Mary Blair - great attention to detail!

And don't forget the Gingerbread House!

The Gingerbread Houses are situated at most of the Disney Deluxe resorts during the Holiday Season.


A Snow White Sanctum said...

Yes. I really like the Blair-influence.

Otter said...

Love the designs.