Monday, 28 November 2011

Get Set To Race

RC Racer is part of the new Toy Story Playland area of Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris. A fun attraction, we briefly looked at here at DF'82 a few months ago.

We head back to the attraction to have a look at possibly one of the most fun areas of the new 'land - the queue for RC Racer! And as the rider has a slow guest turnaround, you may spend quite a while in this line before you can experience the fun of the Racer for yourself...

As we enter, we see we are about to follow our own Racer-style track.

Winding through the queue is great fun, for adults and children a-like! Take some time to enjoy the curves and bends, as you get closer to the hold building.

Also take some time to appreciate the shaping of the trees, all made to feel like you are a small RC Racer car, winding around traffic cones.

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