Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Details of the Old Mill

I adore the Old Mill Yesterland attraction at Disneyland Paris. I can understand why it is no longer in use, but it is such a lovely and quiet piece of Fantasyland, that I like to go around it and imagine what it was and what it could be.

Perhaps part of the reason this Princess has such a soft-spot for it is the fact that it has stayed as it is - it hasn't been demolished and changed to a picnic or smoking area. It is just how it was - except it is no longer accessible to the public.

As you can see from the remaining Mill Buckets, they were designed to look like giant grape and fruit barrels. I wonder how many grapes could have been crushed in those! As long as they cleaned them out before the guests had a ride in them.

And you can still see the detailing on the Mill itself, which is now a small restaurant/counter service point (which we will look at tomorrow here at DF'82). Right down to the shackles on the roof and the wind vane on the top.

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