Monday, 22 November 2010

Tilyou Appear At Main Street

In Disneyland Paris, on Main Street U.S.A., it is not just the windows that are dedicated to people who have been heavily involved in the birth, creation and development of the Disney Theme Parks. Some of the buildings also have some 'hidden' connections behind them. There are even some that are named after persons who have nothing to do directly with Disney.

For example, mid-way along Main Street we have the Tilyou Building, built in 1888.
This could be a reference to the little-known George Tilyou, a New Yorker who helped develop the concept of amusement parks (which Walt Disney would later use to make his own theme parks). With what started as a Ferris Wheel on Coney Island, Tilyou created the first enclosed amusement park in the ocean-front area, Steeplechase Park.
It is possible that Tilyou's concept helped influence Walt Disney indirectly, but either way this is a fantastic hidden treasure of a tribute!

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The Postcardguy - Kevin Hughes said...

George Tilyou of Coney Island fame was a huge influence on many early amusement parks...I'm sure Walt took the best of his park concepts and implemented them in his work.