Monday, 12 July 2010

Picking the Best Guide

If there is one thing that unites Disney Park fans, it is their love for all the Disney Parks around the world. And the fans of Tokyo Disneyland truly love their home park! Take, for example, these two Disney guide books. They are just some of the many books that are available for Tokyo Disney Resort fans to collect and read.

The Tokyo Disneyland Best Guide book is number 6, whereas the Tokyo DisneySea book is for 2010-2011 season. In these books, they will introduce you to the rides, attractions and sites of the Parks, with some fantastic pictures (which are great for us non-Japanese readers). They also detail some of the new merchandise available, and the new food items that have been introduced to the parks!
As I mentioned, these are just some of the numerous books available related to Tokyo Disney, with many of these small guides being updated every few months. Thank goodness I don't live there, as I think my bookshelves would be weighed down with them all!

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