Friday, 21 May 2010

The Trip Of A Lifetime

Or perhaps the trip of a dinner time...or a lunch time? We have had a short break here at DF'82, so I thought it was about time we came back with a bang!

To celebrate the return, our roving LA reporter Chuck Canzoneri brings us this exciting piece, taking us on a tour of one of the most infamous places in all of Disneyland. Don't forget to check out Chuck on the fantastic Disneyland Gazette.

There are 5 places on the West Coast every Disney Geek wishes to visit.

The Disney Dream Suite
Walt’s Apartment Above the Firehouse
The Basketball Half-Court at the Top of the Matterhorn
The Pixar Building in Emeryville
And Club 33

Last week I got to cross one of these off.

Club 33 is exactly everything you’ve heard about it, yet it feels completely different when you are experiencing it. I will divide my report into the 5 Senses.Hearing

Once you enter Club 33, it’s hard to believe you’re still in Disneyland. Sure you can look out the window and see the people below you, but if you just look out the windows, you see the themed balconies from the 2nd Floor of New Orleans Square. Like the great ride queues, you are now somewhere else. Every now and then I heard Tiana’s Jubilee band, but for the most part, all I heard was the sounds of Club 33.Sight

The rooms and walls are decorated in that Disney style, but contain pieces you’ve never seen before. Take for example the trophy dining room, which contains Adventureland-style pieces and small stuffed game birds. It’s one of the two dining rooms (the other substituting a specific theme for general opulence.)
The most striking portrait (interestingly set so that it’s impossible to photograph without glare) is an image of Walt, later in his life. He’s inside Club 33, having coffee and reading a newspaper, while outside his window the Mark Twain travels past. There’s something intimate and special about it, and it’s one of the few images I can think of that deliberately doesn’t portray Walt in his youthful prime.
My other favorite decoration is a painted map of the Caribbean. All around the border are many, many drawn images from the ride. They almost overlap each other. It’s one of those cool art pieces where you could spend hours spotting all the little details.
I’d also like to mention the antique piano positioned near the buffet lines. Underneath the top of the piano is an amazing colonial style painting. This is the kind of cool stuff you get to see at Club 33.

Not too much to say here. It’s good that the only thing you can really smell here is all the great food, which brings me to…


Join us here at DF'82 tomorrow to continue the rest of Chuck's fantastic report. Aren't you dying to know what there is to taste? Well you will just have to come back and find out!

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